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Frequently Asked Questions

Professional Bookkeeping Services Q&A’s

What are the advantages of outsourcing bookkeeping?
Growing and maintaining a successful business requires a great variety of skills and professionals. Business bookkeeping can be challenging and confusing for non-professionals, especially those whose time and talents should be directed elsewhere. A dedicated bookkeeping team ensures that your business’ books stay clean and current, allowing your staff to remain focused and productive.

My bookkeeping system is out of date. What can I do?
No matter what condition your business bookkeeping system is in, we can help. We have all the professionals and resources necessary to rebuild and optimize any system you’re working with. Get in touch today to discuss how we can work together to build a system that works for you.

Are bookkeeping services expensive?
In most cases, the bookkeeping services OCB Accountants provide prove far more cost-effective than hiring and maintaining an accounting staff to do the same work. To get an exact cost estimate for your business’ unique needs, or send us a message.

I already have a CPA. Do I need bookkeeping services?
The services OCB Accountants provides are in no way intended to replace an in-house CPA. Rather, we focus on making your CPA’s job easier by organizing and simplifying your books.

Who will be in charge of my business’ financial data and other information?
At OCB | Accountants, Bookkeepers, Consultants, we understand the great importance of data security. We won’t share any of your data without your express permission. When you engage our services, you will retain complete control over all your data and financial information, no matter what.

Accounting Q&A’s

How do I know if I need professional accounting services?
Do you own a business? If so, you absolutely need an experienced accountant (or team of accountants) on your side. They will be able to keep up with tax code changes and make sure your business’ financial records stay current and compliant.

What makes OCB | Accountants, Bookkeepers, Consultants’ financial consultation services different?
Expertise. With OCB Accountants, you’ll have two decades of experience, years of advanced education, and a team of savvy accounting professionals at your disposal. Assembling an equivalent team in-house requires time and resources that many business owners cannot spare. The services we offer will cover all your accounting needs without putting unnecessary strain on your resources.

What software is best for accounting?
At OCB Accountants, we use and recommend QuickBooks for all general accounting needs. As a QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor, Neda is equipped to train you and your staff in the proper usage of this powerful, versatile software.

Payroll and Taxes

Does OCB Accountants offer tax help for businesses?
We provide sales tax and payroll tax assistance and advice for businesses. Get in touch to learn more.

I don’t have many employees. How can payroll management services help my business?
Managing a small business is an exciting (and, at times, frustrating) endeavor. While you may not think that your team could yield any major problems, a mismanaged payroll system could jeopardize your entire business. Professional payroll management eliminates this risk and keeps your payroll practices straightforward and legal.