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QuickBooks Training for Business

QuickBooks is popular for a reason–it’s one of the best accounting solutions on the market! Learning how to use this powerful software is essential for business owners who want a better understanding of their company’s financial health and future.

We provide comprehensive training for businesses looking to start with or learn more about QuickBooks. We’ll work alongside you until you’re comfortable with the software. As a ​certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor​, Neda can use her skills and experience to guide your business to a place of confidence and competence with QuickBooks.

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Choosing a QuickBooks ProAdvisor

Many accountants know their way around QuickBooks, but very few have the skills to match a certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor who is familiar with all the functionality your business could benefit from. When seeking the assistance of a Quickbooks ProAdvisor, make sure the individual you choose has the following certifications:

QuickBooks Certification

This certification is necessary to earn the title of ProAdvisor. QuickBooks Certification is intended to verify that the certified ProAdvisor understands the basic setup and functionality of QuickBooks software.

QuickBooks Point of Sale

A QuickBooks Point of Sale certified ProAdvisor understands how to use QuickBooks to support small retail businesses. These ProAdvisors must renew their certification every two years, so a current certificate suggests competence and a familiarity with the newest QuickBooks features.​ If you manage a small business, this is the certification you’ll want to ask prospective ProAdvisors about.

QuickBooks Enterprise

A QuickBooks Enterprise certified ProAdvisor has proven their ability to use QuickBooks’ expansive suite of financial products to support enterprise-level businesses. ​A ​ProAdvisor with Enterprise certification​ has the advanced QuickBooks skills needed to handle the accounting needs of larger businesses.

Why Should You Choose Us?

Not sure which accounting services you require? We’ll tailor our services to fit your business’ unique needs. Concerned about the financial health of your organization? We can offer advice backed by real data and decades of accounting experience. Got an accounting disaster on your hands? We like to be challenged.

“I feel more comfortable when my clients know how to use QBs because this way we are going to have a cleaner book.”

Neda Rastegari – OCB Accountants

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